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Monthly Archives: September 2021

    Prices Reduced on These Fine Albuquerque Homes

    By Sandi Pressley | September 30, 2021

    Whether you’re ready to upgrade to a luxury lifestyle, or just looking for a great value on a fine Albuquerque home, these recently reduced listings will make the perfect choice. With plenty of space for the whole family and luxury appointments in every square foot, you’ll be enjoying the good life. Contact Sandi and her... Read More

    Budgeting for a Successful Albuquerque Home Remodel

    By Sandi Pressley | September 25, 2021

    The first step of a home renovation in Albuquerque is budgeting, and it is not an easy task. A mistake could leave you with a drained bank account and no idea how to finance the remainder of your remodeling project.  Here are four key tips to help you budget properly the first time: Think Beyond... Read More

    Celebrate Fall in Albuquerque With These Events

    By Sandi Pressley | September 23, 2021

    Fall is here and so are some of the events that help bring in the season in Albuquerque. Here are a few of the festivals and events coming up this weekend. 2021 The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience Sun, Sep 19 – Sat, Sep 25 The Albuquerque Film & Music Experience is Albuquerque’s premier film... Read More

    Ways That Indoor Plants Can Help Your Health

    By Sandi Pressley | September 17, 2021

    An Albuquerque home with greenery isn’t just beautiful to look at. As well as the psychological benefits, there are plenty of health benefits. You don’t need to have a natural green thumb to reap the following benefits from a plant here and there. Stress Reduction Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little less stress... Read More

    How to Avoid Foreclosing Your Albuquerque Home

    By Sandi Pressley | September 16, 2021

    Although experts say there is no danger of large-scale foreclosures in Albuquerque, many Albuquerque homeowners may face foreclosure as a result of financial problems. Although the overall percentage of homeowners facing foreclosure is decreasing, many people today still face challenges. It might be a good idea to research and understand your options if you have... Read More

    Just Listed! Our Latest Hot Albuquerque Properties!

    By Sandi Pressley | September 10, 2021

    With the real estate market as hot as ever in Albuquerque, it’s always great news when homes like these hit the market. These outstanding homes are loaded with features that are sure to make them sell fast, so make sure to call Sandi and her team today. Contact Sandi and her team at 505-263-2173 to... Read More

    Financing a Garage Remodel

    By Sandi Pressley | September 8, 2021

    When it comes to Albuquerque property repair and renovation, the garage is often the most overlooked part of the house. Most people do not realize its potential as a living space or storage area.  As Home Advisor reports, converting or remodeling a garage can cost as much as USD$23,000 depending on its scope. In addition... Read More

    The Pros and Cons of Selling a Vacant Home in Albuquerque

    By Sandi Pressley | September 3, 2021

    If you plan to sell your home in Albuquerque and you have the option to sell the home occupied or vacant, which of those options would work best for you? The answer depends on a number of factors, as each way has its pros and cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of... Read More

    Check out Our Latest Hot Albuquerque Properties!

    By Sandi Pressley | September 1, 2021

    There’s a home for every price range with our latest hot properties! Whether you’re looking for a townhome for a small family, or need a larger home with room to grow, these homes will fit the bill. But these fine homes are sure to sell fast, so make sure to call Sandi and her team... Read More