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Monthly Archives: November 2020

    Should You Remodel or Buy a New Home in Albuquerque?

    By Sandi Pressley | November 27, 2020

    If you own a home in Albuquerque, there will come a time when you have to decide if it’s better to renovate your home or buy a new one. Most of the time, people choose to renovate. But it may be that buying a new home is a better option for you. If you’ve reached... Read More

    Wishing All a Very Happy Thanksgiving

    By Sandi Pressley | November 25, 2020

    This Thanksgiving is a particularly special holiday for all of us. We’ve all had a tough year, but that only makes us more greatful for what we do have. So let’s take all the negative things that have happened this past year and look for the positive things that we can show our gratitude for.... Read More

    Check Out These Just Listed Albuquerque Properties!

    By Sandi Pressley | November 20, 2020

    If you’re looking for a beautiful and affordable home in Albuquerque, you’re in luck! These latest properties to hit the Albuquerque real estate scene offer plenty of features at a price withing reach of even first time home buyers. But don’t wait too long to take a closer look, as these great homes are sure... Read More

    Get Creative WIth Your Home Office Space

    By Sandi Pressley | November 19, 2020

    Getting a bit tired of working from your couch or the kitchen table? Many people in Albuquerque have been working at home for a few months now, and that may be necessary for a while longer. Working from home may end up being an ongoing situation for many workers. So what do you do if you don’t... Read More

    Tips to Help Keep Your Albuquerque Home Warmer This Winter

    By Sandi Pressley | November 13, 2020

    Winter is on it’s way and the temperatures are already dipping here in Albuquerque. What are some ways to keep your family warm and toasty all winter long? If you winterize your home by following these simple tips, you can lower your energy costs this winter and stay warm. Just following a few of these... Read More

    Where to Find Thanksgiving Meals in Albuquerque

    By Sandi Pressley | November 11, 2020

    Thanksgiving is only just 2 weeks away, and this will certainly be a different holiday this year in many ways. But of course, you still need to chow down on the usual delicious turkey and other Thanksgiving delights, if nothing else than to preserve some sense of normality and tradition. For those of us who... Read More