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Monthly Archives: March 2019

    The Top Elementary Schools in Albuquerque

    By Sandi Pressley | March 21, 2019

    If you still have kids in elementary school and plan to buy a home in Albuquerque area, you no doubt want to find the best public elementary schools for your children. has rated the top elementary schools in Albuquerque for 2019, and many of the schools received top grades. You won’t have any trouble... Read More

    Common Myths That Are Costing You Time and Money

    By Sandi Pressley | March 19, 2019

    You can’t swing a tool belt without hitting a website or TV network offering tips on taking care of your digs. Save money by watering your lawn at night! No, water it in the morning! No, dig it up and replace it with a drought-hardy meadow! Throw in the info you pick up from well-meaning... Read More

    How Much Mortgage Can You Afford to Buy a Home in Albuquerque?

    By Sandi Pressley | March 12, 2019

    Owning a home should give you safety and security, and that includes being financially secure. Before you buy a home, you should calculate how much you can afford for a mortgage and make sure it fits safely withing your budget. Prepare a Detailed Budget The standard rule of thumb says that you can afford a... Read More

    Tips for Buying a Foreclosure Home in Albuquerque

    By Sandi Pressley | March 7, 2019

    When a home is foreclosed, the bank or lender wants to get it sold as quick as they can. Lenders are not in the real estate business, so they will use a real estate agent to market the property. You can also buy a foreclosed home through the multiple listing service, but that can be filled... Read More

    Choosing a Neighborhood When Buying a Home

    By Sandi Pressley | March 5, 2019

    When buying a home, location is everything. It may seem easy to find a neighborhood filled with beautiful homes and think it’s the right one for you. But there are other factors to consider when choosing a neighborhood that are not as evident, such as budget, non-negotiable home features, and proximity to the things you... Read More